Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Update For The Month Of December

Lots of feedback and advice has been sent in over the past few months leading to a much better overall solution. Here is what it sounds like in two sentences:

SnapMedia is developing a smartphone camera app that records video and uploads it directly to a stock video marketplace. The video will require no editing, will automatically create its own keywords using image recognition, and upload itself to the marketplace and for sale immediately.

Here is a status update on how things are coming along:

Product - A clickable app demo has been created and a 'test marketplace', or demo website, has been created as well.

Team - Hiring a freelancer to fill the 'test marketplace' with products (stock video).

Traction - There has been overwhelming support for a stock video app such as this. And, due to the suggested price of $15 a video, plenty of potential buyers have visited the website.

Funding - There is now a list of potential investors that has been created. This is where the seed funding will come from to bring this idea to fruition.

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